My mini world: Dragons, Fairies, Magicians and Wtches


Let There Be Dragons

Dragon babies and a wolf hound painted by my son who gave me them. They are metal miniatures from the Warhammer series. The wolf dog is suitable for a 1/24 scale. For bigger pictures click on the thumbnails! Thanks to both my children for a lovely Christmas!

My son who painted these has blogs on Golem archives and a new one on Golem archives on wordpress.


Planning and dreaming

I have quite a lot of magic things, among other things a resin dragon my son bought for his dragonloving mother  on Isle of Wight in 2000 (if I remember the year right). Furniture for a wizard, tarot cards, an ouija board, resin faries, a crystal ball with fivearmed candle holder and a bed that was the first miniature furniture I made. And the easter witches I bought  for easter just because they fitted into the doll house. In Sweden little girls dress as witches on Easter Thursday and go around with candy and get offered candy and money just like kids do for Halloween in The United States. These witches are  a little smallish and right now act as house keepers and children´s nurses in the english town house. But I could perhaps let a wizard move into the 1/12th dutch shop from Kotte Toys I haven´t finished painting yet. It is greygreen and I plan to paint the columns and windows dark green. Meanwhile have a look at my 1/24th dutch shop painted blue on my main blog.

My mini world: The Magic Corner


This  will be the magic part of my mini world.